ELSEWHERE |Idyll and friction in landscape

From June 18th to September 5th the unique ELSEWHERE art route can be seen in all the village centers of the municipality of Sint-Michielsgestel. Large billboards with surprising photographic views on the landscape will be put up in 23 locations along the entrance roads of as well as in Sint-Michielsgestel. Nineteen photographers, well-known both nationally and internationally, will display landscapes – often from beyond our borders, from elsewhere – in which idyll and friction form the central theme. The photos show landscapes which represent our dream of the untouched, pure landscape, comment on this or demonstrate it to be resolutely disturbed by human intervention.

ELSEWHERE invites the passer-by to view this interplay between the local countryside and the photographic landscape elsewhere through fresh eyes.

The Brabant countryside as point of departure for the ELSEWHERE project

The local countryside around the village of Sint-Michielsgestel in the southern Dutch province Brabant formed the starting point for ELSEWHERE. It is a ‘manufactured’ landscape that is in constant flux: meadows, fields, traffic facilities and buildings, constructed landscapes and more or less natural, unspoiled parts of nature. Idyllic landscapes lie next to areas from where nature has, to a great extent, disappeared. Here idyll and friction exist side by side.

In this landscape photographic images by 19 photographers will be placed in which these concepts are enlarged. The idyll often proves to be constructed, or intensified and the friction reveals itself, sometimes concealed, sometimes inevitable.
Participating photographers: Peter van Beek, Wout Berger, Reinout van den Bergh/Huib Fens, Nico Bick, Sonja Braas (D), Ruud van Empel, Kevin Erskine (US), Stella Faber, John Goto (UK), Nick Hannes (B), Roderik Henderson, Rob Hornstra, Marcus Koppen (D), Michael Reisch (D), Martin Roemers, Tim Simmons (UK), Andrea Stultiens, Raimond Wouda en Thomas Wrede (D).