Place in Time presents an overview of the recent photographic and video work of Tim Simmons, accompanied by essays from artists, writers and curators. Presenting Simmons's work in relation to contemporary issues in landscape and visual arts practice, these cover diverse topics from Simmons’s working processes to our attempts to measure time. Avoiding a traditional approach to landscape photography, Simmons shows us not landscapes in their ‘natural’ state, but places enhanced or altered for his investigations and experiments. 

Over time, Simmons’s work has shifted from an interest in revealing hidden places to the revealing of hidden phenomena which affect our interpretation of place at specific times. He makes use of the tricks time plays with us: the dominance of light, the role of the sun and movement of the earth. His more performative works, such as Mirrors, reflecting back light from the sun, or One Mile, where flashing lights are set up to relate to the earth’s movement, experiment playfully with phenomena of light, movement of light, shifting positions of the sun and reflections. He uses the tools, not only those of production, but of the measurement of time and place, to accentuate the moment, to calculate the point of its greatest stillness, or to encapsulate its minutest movement…He composes little scenes and episodes where in fact nothing happens except for the place itself”.

Veronica Sekules 


the work of Tim Simmons

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